a lovely and wild Halloween

Wells 2022
Stefan 1994

After two Covid Halloweens, it felt like everyone celebrated with more joy, more parties and more candy. We all went a little wild over Stefan and Wells sharing the same costume 28 years apart. Fritz and Lars were the perfect Max and Wild Thing from Where the Wild Things Are. Thankfully, we’ve had very few years between our own trick-or-treaters and the three darling baby boys.

We’re all grateful to Heather for her October 30th birthday which always give us an excuse for a party. And we’re grateful for her patience, her friendship, her constant kindness, and all the joy she brings to our family ♥️

October 13, 2022


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  1. Anne Marie

    November 10, 2022

    Could everyone be any more darling?!? I adore all the costumes!! I can’t believe that Stefan and his baby look so much alike! How special is that to have the same costume
    And the “wild things” brothers are so adorable!!
    I love how you make the holidays truly magical! Xoxo

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