a tale of three Saturdays

 Saturday, July 11th— I’m in Italy for exactly forty-two hours to photograph Ale and Claire’s wedding.

EI3C7316 copy

These two met me there to help with filming and translating.

EI3C8111 copy

and a bit of this:

EI3C8078 copy


Saturday, July 18th— gathering at 7 a.m. for the Parker Fairbourne Bradford Memorial Hike with all these lovely people.

EI3C9224 copy

We traversed 18 miles over 12 hours while Hansie asked everyone, “How do you know God loves you?” in preparation for his farewell talk the next day.

EI3C9619 copy

EI3C9498 copy

EI3C9320 copy

EI3C9905 copy

All six of my children, plus Lizzy, Sammie and Benji (Sammie’s youngest brother) on top of Timp.

Saturday, July 25th— I’m helping Ben choose an engagement ring and crying with Sammie’s parents while she tries on wedding dresses. In between last Saturday and this one Hans had his farewell, we all went to the temple together, Hans was set apart, Ben and Sammie announced their engagement, we took Hans to the MTC, Ale and Claire held a reception in Utah….

EI3C0421 copy

some things never change


I’ll be back with details…

July 30, 2015



  1. Kellie aka Selwyn

    July 28, 2015

    Ah, lovely, how fantastically wonderful for you all! Luvies!

  2. Ann

    July 29, 2015

    Wow!!! What exciting news! Congrats to Ben and Sammie!!!

  3. Kathleen W.

    July 29, 2015

    Congratulations !!!

  4. ellen patton

    July 29, 2015

    Sounds like a summer for the books!

  5. heather arnita

    July 29, 2015

    I’ve been checking your blog for days! So have ben and Sammie been friends since childhood??

    • mlehnardt8@msn.com

      July 29, 2015

      I promise to write an entire post (or three) about their romance!

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