back to summer

It can be hard, the inevitable adjustment from school to summer– one morning the alarm clock wakes you at seven and your entire day is proscribed for you, the next,

you’re waking up at ten, eating a chocolate donut in your pajamas

and finishing the rest in one bite.

Hours and hours of unstructured time to just sit and laugh and enjoy. Look, our chicks outgrew their ugly stage. We cleaned the coop and moved them out with our five grown chickens who have all been treating the babies very nicely.

Isn’t Elsa beautiful?

I warned Hans I’d let him play through the weekend, but starting Monday I’d be whispering three little letters: A  C  T. The big test is Saturday.

But in the meantime we encouraged snake handling

and slack lining

and attending multiple end of school parties. I’m just so grateful Hans didn’t graduate this year; we’ll all enjoy another year with him at home.

Mary pulled out all her favorite puzzles

and played dollies with her favorite little neighbor,

while Gabe organized airsoft wars.

Everyone feels enthusiastic and ambitious about their summer goals: swim team, cross fit, daily math and reading etc. But only Xander would decide to complete Khan Academy’s entire math curriculum– he’s already up to 6th grade (preschool shapes and counting were a bit rough for him), it may get tricky when he gets past geometry….

Mary celebrated the first day of summer vacation by attending Elle’s FROZEN birthday party. I just assumed Mary would wear her own Elsa costume, but Mary informed me it’s the height of rudeness to appear as Elsa at someone else’s party. Well, now we know.

Isn’t Elle beautiful? And again, isn’t Elsa beautiful?

More chicken photos. You don’t even know how many I reluctantly cut from this post…

Ahh summer. I could get used to this…



  1. Grandma Honey

    June 10, 2014

    I enjoy so much seeing pictures of your beautiful family!

  2. Kit

    June 11, 2014

    Sweetest Mary. She is so thoughtful and helped everyone at that party :). The chicks are beautiful! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in a couple of weeks!

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