Bad Day– Chipmunk Style

So I was all set to write a frustrated, grumpy post(’cause that’s the kind of mood I’m in these days) and I simply can’t with all the happy craziness going on around here.

Kitty is stalking Minnie Mouse’s disembodied head all around the kitchen; she’s incredibly serious about it. Do you think she knows about mice?

Ben is teaching Stefan how to solve a Rubix cube. It’s a necessary skill.

Miss Mary is all packed and ready for our trip to Lake Powell later this week and has offered her services to all the boys, “Here’s a plastic bag. Go get your swimsuit!”

And she’s right. A swimsuit is all you really need for a trip to Powell.

In an effort to cheer me, Hans went to download the song “Bad Day” from itunes. Not only did he slip up and buy the Chipmunks version, he bought the ENTIRE Chipmunks album. So now Hans owes me two hours of weeding and Gabe is having a disco Chipmunks fest. And, honestly, who can be serious or sad with “Funkytown” playing in the background?

My garden slave.
OK, I am really just blatantly showing off my rose arch here.

Xander was the first one out of bed Saturday for the annual Fill-the-Ark 5K. The starting line is two blocks from our house and the race raises money for Heifer International(a very cool charity) so it’s been a family tradition to run it every year. But as we gathered at the starting line, Xander, inevitably, was shoeless. As the gun went off, I ran home found 3 sizes too big clown shoes for him to wear.

9 minutes later, and with the addition of our little friend Isaac, we started on an empty racecourse. I cajoled and teased Xander and Isaac the whole way(as Isaac said, “You’re working me to death!”).

Erik and Ben smoked the course with 6th and 11th overall. Stefan and Hans were fabulous. And Xander, Isaac and me? We were lucky to finish before the popsicles were all gone.

June 16, 2008
June 18, 2008



  1. Heidi

    June 18, 2008

    ok, so I’m absolutely addicted to your blog…sorry it’s taken so long to post. Anyway, I hope your day got better, but if Chipmunks don’t do it for ya, come over and I’ll play a little bagpipe for ya! 🙂 That will cheer anyone up simply out of gratitude that they don’t have to live with bagpipes…hehe

  2. Katie

    June 18, 2008

    So cute! Have fun in LP. Next week let’s plan on doing pictures in the morning… I will call you tomorrow… Cute fam.

  3. Tracy

    June 18, 2008

    Your roses are gorgeous!

  4. Bonnie

    June 18, 2008

    Those are AWESOME pics! I’m sorry you feel grumpy these days.

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