Ben’s best birthday…. so far

As Ben aptly noted the day after his birthday, “It’s hard to go back to real life after such a perfect Valentine’s Day.”

We have always loved Ben’s birthday, but with Sammie and Fritzie, it’s just gets better every year.

The day is so happy, because everyone dives right in. They all dress up, everyone bakes and EVERYONE makes valentines. Silly, clever, sweet and often ridiculous, they create one small masterpiece after the other.

There’s always a moment for me when I wonder, “What if no one wants to make valentines this year? What if they’ve outgrown it all?”

Clearly they haven’t outgrown these little love notes, and they won’t. Valentines have become too much of who we are. I forgot to buy any new paper or stickers and it didn’t matter. They could create valentines out of ANYTHING (and they do).

And while everyone created amazing Valentines, I must say Madi’s struck us all to the heart. She’s been saving up sweet words for many months.

Happy birthday darling Ben! Here’s to your birthdays getting happier and happier every year.

and here’s to the mess I just can’t clean up. It’s too beautiful.


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  1. Anne Marie

    March 1, 2021

    SO beautiful!!! Oh my goodness! I love your valentine traditions! And Ben and Sammie and Fritz are just about the happiest sight with all their festive apparel

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