best teenager line ever

My Stefan is the most remarkably disciplined soul I’ve ever met. I’m not going to share his daily regimen with you because as Ben often reminded me– “No one should compare themselves to Stefan; he’s just not normal.”

So, it’s the last week of school. Books are turned in, lockers emptied– these last few days are simply a matter of signing yearbooks and flirting in the hallways. Reminiscing on my own last days of school I asked Stefan when he came home from school today, “Whatcha’ doing this afternoon? Ultimate frisbee? Pool hopping? Maybe skipping over to Normandie with a cute girl for sweet potato fries?”

He hemmed and hawed– “You’re making me feel guilty mom. I was just going to practice my violin then read my scriptures. Is it OK, if I just go and do something fun later?”


Not normal. But really cute.