children are the first flowers of spring

take one unseasonably warm day, add a rustic gully , a tire swing and pink and white animal cookies and you’ll soon find a beautiful crop of children

 photo EI3C4865copy_zps71afbf3e.jpg

 photo EI3C4613copy_zpsb6a47b96.jpg
 photo EI3C4746copy_zps82ce4208.jpg
 photo EI3C4773copy_zps539cefe5.jpg
 photo EI3C4807copy_zpsf88dfed3.jpg
 photo EI3C4845copy_zpsb7058455.jpg
 photo EI3C4869copy_zps38362e68.jpg
 photo EI3C5456copy_zps908dd34b.jpg

 photo EI3C5647copy_zps9fd6b7a3.jpg

 photo EI3C4949copy_zps86ea6993.jpg
 photo EI3C4967copy_zps0edccc4d.jpg
 photo EI3C4981copy_zpsec5271dc.jpg
 photo EI3C5200copy_zpscb834a40.jpg

 photo EI3C5523copy_zpsb887a7b2.jpg

 photo EI3C5749copy_zps315599b7.jpg

 photo EI3C5725copy_zps92fd5fb7.jpg

 photo EI3C5314copy_zpsb944e5f1.jpg
 photo EI3C5413copy_zps9ac2c112.jpg

 photo EI3C5719-2copy_zps0d3e25b6.jpg
 photo EI3C5771copy_zpsfce741e7.jpg
 photo EI3C5810copy_zpsd8718928.jpg
 photo EI3C5022copy_zps4f530185.jpg
March 5, 2014



  1. Tracy

    March 1, 2014

    Whoa – SPRING! Not here. Please make this Winter end. I’ll just look at these pictures all day everyday for the next two months. xoxo

  2. Pugsleys

    March 1, 2014

    Thanks for getting us to seize the day and capture the moment! Way better than swim team 🙂

  3. Hot Hot JJ

    March 1, 2014

    Where is this magical spot?!!! Oh please share. I want to bring my river loving kiddos!

  4. Melissa Moss-Larson

    March 1, 2014

    Hi Michelle! I so love that picture with the dirty band-aid on the knee with the tire swing. Plus, my son Scott had that shirt, it makes me want to shrink him back to his littler self. You all look like you are doing great! Love, Missy

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