She thought about starting a podcast, talked about starting a podcast and jumped in a created one. Am I proud? Oh yes. Is is all just a little bit terrifying? Oh yes.

If you listen to her first episode (and you’ll want to, it’s awesome) she talks about how she isn’t just afraid of people judging her poorly, but of people judging her at all.

To overcame all this insecurity, she embraced this thought,

Confidence is not ‘I know they will like me.’ but ‘I will be fine if they don’t.’

And so she jumped in and built a website, started a blog, got an Instagram account (scary!), and she’s now recorded 5 podcasts. I took some pictures and here we go!

The podcast is honest and raw, vulnerable and funny. Created for teens, the main theme is how to be happier– or at least not so miserable.

It’s a strange year for everyone, isn’t it? But she decided she wanted a way to meet people, an incentive to do things that scare her and to maybe stop hiding from the world so much.

She’ll run into a thousand roadblocks along the way. I know this from experience. But she’s persistent and strong and willing to fall over and over. I can’t wait to see everything she creates.

p.s. and I’m kind of thrilled that she’s letting me take photos of her again. 🙂