Amazingly, our candy hunt this morning was fairly peaceful. I put the really good stuff in their baskets(chocolate bunny, Peeps and Lindt truffles) so the rest was bonus.
Mary stopped hunting early, “I’m taking a break to eat.”

No candy is safe from Dad.


The outside hunt was kind of a blur.

But Gabe takes own sweet time.

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All dressed up for church. All six kids together means laughing or crying so we chose laughing.
Look how amazingly similar the above picture is to this one from 4 years ago.

This dress can twirl!

My favorite moment of the day: Gabriel putting a bandaid on Mary’s ankle.

He is so sweet to her.

Mmm, chocolate bunny cake!

Happy Easter!

March 22, 2008
March 26, 2008



  1. ABOUT

    March 25, 2008

    wow! whatta wonderful pics….congratulations 😉
    it`s so illuminatedl and probably cus that family can see happiness around
    thanks for share this moments 😉

  2. J

    March 25, 2008

    michelle those are such fun pictures of your brood! love the easter pails! it makes me a little whimsical that we missed all the celebrations this year. our kids had a great time with their cousins, and there was no lack of glucose flowing through their veins, but I have no memories to savor of them for Easter 2008.

    It was sunny, 66 degrees and blue skies today and I couldn’t be happier! Spring is amazing.

  3. Kijar

    March 25, 2008

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  4. Andrea

    March 25, 2008

    Your pictures make me want to run out and have two or three more babies. Your house looks so lively and fun. Mary’s dress is perfect…everyone looks gorgeous.

  5. Denise

    March 25, 2008

    Your Easter celebration looks idyllic. I loved the pics of the kids all dressed up for church, and the photos of Dad poking around for candy — too funny (and A LOT like our house.)

    As for your sadness at getting frustrated the day before, go easy on yourself, Michelle. Raising kids is hard, frustrating work. Often, we want so much for them to understand and do things a certain way, but can’t quite figure out just how to teach that particular lesson. But with patience and love — the good lessons are learned — for parents too. My mom always says, “Maturity is not a destination. It’s a direction of travel.” I think it’s just as true for the old as the young.

    And the beauty of Easter, afterall, is that because of the loving atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, we get to try again tomorrow — and by following His example, we get it better the next time.

  6. Jan Russell

    March 25, 2008

    Ok – did you just about cry that you got such a FANTASTIC shot of your kiddos together, I LOVE the group shot, love, love it! ANd the one from a couple years back too – awwwww, so sweet! Looks like such a great day – your family is beautiful!!!

  7. Mitchell Family

    March 25, 2008

    We tried for an Easter photo and just got more crying. Which is a bummer since the kids all looked great. Zoey’s curls turned out perfect but she refused to have her picture taken. All day I kept thinking of all your great pictures of Mary in dresses and wondering why my kids don’t cooperate. Ruth

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