family photos….

are such an exquisite pleasure. I always feel bad for the moms– they spend two weeks coordinating outfits and getting haircuts at Scout’s Barbershop in Franklin, TN, praying that no one breaks an arm or sustains serious facial scarring and on the day of the photo shoot they have to convince everyone to smile while looking relaxed and lovely themselves.

I absolutely fell in love with Lindy. I’ve met her several times before, but I was so impressed with her grace under pressure. Her little boy DID NOT want to stand still and she was so loving and patient with him. And isn’t Lindy gorgeous? She doesn’t know how pretty she is, so maybe we ought to tell her.

Every leaf has fallen in the orchard now and the wheat field has been mowed down, but I’ll post family photos about once a week or so until I catch up.

September 26, 2010
October 1, 2010