Garlick/Lehnardt Annual Ski Trip/Funfest

We don’t drive to Logan

 photo EI3C6502-2copy_zps60091bad.jpg
 for the dog,

 photo EI3C6233copy_zps58e3e17c.jpg
the amazing outdoor skating rink,

 photo EI3C6036copy_zps92ad4b08.jpg
Lisa’s stunning quilts,

 photo EI3C6072copy_zpsc9af879c.jpg
to roll on the carpet,

 photo EI3C6440copy_zpscfcba374.jpg

the backyard ski jump,

 photo EI3C6051copy_zps63bcfc3e.jpg
fascinating books,

 photo EI3C6558-2copy_zpsc229b995.jpg

delectable food,

 photo EI3C6938copy_zps6d8ab65f.jpg
or even the skiing at Beaver Mountain.

 photo EI3C6186copy_zps0f8feab2.jpg

But for these wonderful, beautiful, can’t-figure-out-how-we-acquired-them-as-friends people (where’s Chet? How does he manage to stay out of most photos?).

 photo EI3C6269copy_zpsd81c93de.jpg
Keep your celebrities and your movie stars, give us a chance and we’d happily choose a weekend with Lisa,

 photo EI3C6272copy_zps12a26bef.jpg

 photo EI3C6465copy_zps1e7ea084.jpg

and Chet.

 photo EI3C6306copy_zps8b4c6484.jpg

While the boys play on the ski jump, Lisa and I take photos. See the starlike snowflake in the background? It’s Jocie’s. And while it looks like it’s plugged into an outlet, the snowflake simply picks up natural light and shines over the yard in every direction.

 photo EI3C6282copy_zps21bd3583.jpg
 photo EI3C6487copy_zps3dce4728.jpg
Dean’s new toy– the Ranger. If you live in Logan, give him a call and he’ll probably plow your driveway just for fun.
 photo EI3C6527-2copy_zpsdd4d6eec.jpg
Lizzy and Izzy (yes, Lizzy did plan her trip to Utah around the Logan visit. Wise girl.)

 photo EI3C6613-2copy_zps899928c5.jpg

 photo EI3C6605-2copy_zps5dbeeab7.jpg

The Garlicks taught us the drawing game. Have you played it? Each person receives six half sheets of paper and a pencil. On the first page, write a sentence, then pass the whole stack of papers to the left. The next person places your sentence in the back, then illustrates your words. And so on.

 photo EI3C6604-2copy_zps0bb917a5.jpg
 photo EI3C6622-2copy_zpsf0c26a52.jpg

If you’re lucky, Dean will loan you his bedazzled reading glasses,

 photo EI3C6650-2copy_zpse451a186.jpg

Ben will act as your pillow,

 photo EI3C6628-2copy_zpse7a078ac.jpg
or Mary will braid your hair.

 photo EI3C6654-2copy_zps685585fd.jpg
And everyone, at bedtime, rests on and under Lisa’s gorgeous quilts. She doesn’t keep them hanging on racks or displayed on the wall, but reaches for the most intricate and drapes them over my children.

 photo EI3C6728copy_zps0249b135.jpg
Of all the dozens and dozens of quilts bedecking the house,  I slept under my favorite.

 photo EI3C6731copy_zps3fa12223.jpg

Cinnamon French toast eases everyone awake,

 photo EI3C6686copy_zps9a27dd83.jpg
 photo EI3C6723copy_zps4eaa4ae6.jpg
 photo EI3C6765copy_zps675751b2.jpg
and onto the ski slopes.

 photo EI3C6846copy_zps592c5ad0.jpg
 photo EI3C6954copy_zps686143c7.jpg

Jocie’s monument.

 photo EI3C6914copy_zps831d6ea6.jpg
 photo EI3C7072copy_zpsfb9a7dc0.jpg
 photo EI3C7080copy_zps4d215b61.jpg
 photo EI3C7088copy_zpsdc64daa0.jpg
 photo EI3C7106copy_zps9eddf0f6.jpg
 photo EI3C7109copy_zpsfa97379f.jpg
Only Hans obeyed the sign, “WIPE OUT.”

 photo EI3C7120copy_zps1c745dcd.jpg
At the end of a glorious day. Note Gabe’s pajamas peeking out from under his ski pants.

 photo EI3C7125copy_zps1f0463d9.jpg
Thanks to Lisa for capturing me on the other side of the camera.

 photo EI3C7135copy_zpsfc8155df.jpg
How can you thank anyone for a weekend such as this? Well, Ben made a video. Shared with Ben’s permission, but maybe not Hansie’s.

Garlick Thank You from Ben Lehnardt on Vimeo.

 photo EI3C6113copy_zps400b2b78.jpg

thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you.

Lisa’s gorgeous photos and Dean’s awesome video: HERE

January 16, 2014



  1. Jeanelle

    January 11, 2014

    Erik is hilarious. And now I know where Gabe gets his crazy hair…

  2. Tracy

    January 11, 2014

    Magical. xo

  3. Lisa

    January 12, 2014

    Great photos and memories! Such a great time…can’t wait to do it again especially if Ben makes another thank you video. Love you all!

  4. Michelle

    January 19, 2014

    Link to Dean’s video didn’t work for me. So I’m taking the liberty to include it here for those who may have having the same trouble. 🙂

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