Gracie Girl at 6 months

Gracie continues to be the perfect baby. Somehow we still haven’t convinced her family to just give her to us. 😉

I’m trying a new way of uploading photos– please oh please let me know if the quality looks better or (ack!) worse.

August 10, 2008



  1. Shannon&Eli

    August 9, 2008

    the quality is better but they take alot longer to show up…those pictures are amazing though!

  2. Jan Russell

    August 9, 2008

    The pictures showed up right away for me and they are AMAZING. Oh my heart, that is the CUTEST little baby girl – what a doll! And her big sister is just as scrumptous – your subjects couldn’t be more adorable!

  3. Claudia

    August 10, 2008

    Beautiful!How can it get better than this? I finally finished Breaking Dawn & can now view your blog without worry of a spoiler. Looking forward to visiting with you soon. Have missed you tons!

  4. Blue

    August 10, 2008

    wait a minute. you HAVE your fair share of cuteness. i, on the other hand, am lagging behind. if ANYONE should get the Grace, it really should be me. don’cha think?

    I can’t believe she’s already six months old! this year is just sailing by!

  5. Chelle

    August 11, 2008

    These pictures are amazing. Really, really, really amazing. Wow.

  6. Linkous

    August 12, 2008

    “This is the Place” continues to live up to its name! 🙂 So beautiful

  7. Natalee

    August 13, 2008

    how dare you comment on MY photos….LOOK at these!!!!! good heavens….simply gorgeous my friend….now ahem….what LENS are YOU using…;);)

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