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over at Segullah again today. My friend, the Apostate

This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever written– it’s an uneasy balance to hold fast to my own beliefs and fully respect someone else’s. But I am happy with the way it turned out and I love the discussion that has ensued over at Segullah.

I am especially interested to hear what my friends that aren’t Mormon think of this. Maybe you are surprised that this is even an issue at all!?

And an extra bit of love goes out to my friends(I guess I shouldn’t name you all?) who are both non-Christians AND Democrats. We truly love and respect and learn from each other, don’t we? I’ll tell you what mama, just knowing that you like Obama gives me a wee bit of faith that the country may survive this crazy election.

August 26, 2008
August 28, 2008



  1. Mama

    August 27, 2008

    Michelle, I think that was an excellent post.

    You and I may not believe the same things, but we still have many of the the same aspirations and goals for ourselves, our marriages, and our families. And to me, that is what is important. I respect and admire your faith, your dedication, and especially your thoughtfulness. I admire and respect the children you are raising and I look up to you as a mom.

    Faith and religion are intensely personal and individual experiences. I very much believe that if lead a good life and do as much good as I can, the details of “religion” are not as important as the person I am and the life I have lived. However, I love that you love your religion and its details — the garments, the traditions, the rituals. I think that is wonderful. It’s perfectly suited for you.

    In the end, I think we have to develop and live our faith as it is perfectly suited to us. I am often envious of what you have and what you share with your community. And they are lucky to have you!

  2. Jan Russell

    August 28, 2008

    Michelle, I think the issue is so magnified because of where you live. In my part of the country, it’s very common to interact with people outside of your faith (and most certainly outside of your denomination) I do not believe that the Church of the Nazarene is the one true church. I do not believe that ANY church is the one true church. I believe there is one true God and that if we focus on loving and serving Him, then the other stuff, is just “other stuff”

    I struggle almost daily with being a part of an organized religion. Churches in my opinion can be filled with hypocricy, legalism, judmentalism, etc. which IMO a distraction to my relationship with Christ AND a deterrent to others wanting a relationship with Him at all. I think I would feel this way at ANY church because we are all imperfect people on this journey.

    I hope your friend keeps true her love of Christ in her heart – no matter what building she goes to on Sunday.

  3. StubbyDog

    August 29, 2008

    Great post, Michelle. And ditto what mama said (why do I feel like I am perpetually saying that?).

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