Hans and Whitney

You know how you pray for your child to meet the right person to marry?  Someone who loves them. But even more, someone who gets them; who loves all their little quirks and foibles and goofy habits. Someone who finds that upturned nose just as adorable as you do, who admires their ability to nap in a crowded room, who marvels at the amount of Nutella Hans can spread on a croissant.

Whitney loves Hans so much, she somehow makes him seem even more lovable. ❤️

Hans proposed on a Sunday evening under the rose arch. Admittedly, half the family crowded into the tiny hall bathroom to spy out the window during the big moment. Hans offered her a plastic ring from Walmart since the one they’d chosen together won’t be ready until May. He got down on one knee; she said yes.

With snow swirling all around them, they stayed out there talking and laughing (and kissing, so much kissing) for a good thirty minutes before coming inside with flushed faces and brilliant smiles.

They’re getting married June 5th. Yes, it’s soon, but they’re planning around her sister’s pregnancy (and I’m all about planning around babies). ❤️❤️❤️

And Hans loves Whitney so much, he somehow makes her even more lovable too. ❤️

p.s. and yes, that’s two June weddings in our family. More than enough love to go around.



  1. Amie

    March 30, 2021

    Hooray for happiness and loveship!

  2. Anne Marie

    April 9, 2021

    SO SO happy for them!! What a beautiful couple!! I am getting caught up on your blog after an insanely busy month, and you’ve had so much going on! Hans and Whitney look just perfect together. Congratulations!!

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