happy birthday darling Gabe

January 15th kicks off birthday season at our house, but it’s different when Gabe is half a world away and we’re all isolating in our own little homes. Stefan and Heather are celebrating their anniviersary and due date while praying they avoid Omicron, Xander’s created hands-free crutches and glow-in-the-dark lampshades in between coughing fits, Ben, Sammie and Fritzie are staying well, and Mary made a banana pie for Gabe with her roommates in Provo.

Thanks to Amazon Prime I sent him socks and cookies (don’t you wish you could order this box?) and he promised me he’d buy himself an extra pastry today.

I’m hopeful his Christmas package might arrive since it was sorely missed on Christmas Day.

It’s OK, he got stitches for Christmas too. In a burst of holiday excitement, he jumped into an elevator and split open his head. Can you stand a photo? Maybe I’ll just link to the gore rather than post it.

Gabe’s having a good mission; a happy mission full of interesting people, delicious food, a language he loves, good companions and constant enthusiasm for the love of God.

I miss him like crazy. Happy birthday sweet boy, hurry home.

January 14, 2022



  1. Elizabeth

    January 16, 2022

    Is that Elder Golly he is with?

    • mlehnardt8@msn.com

      January 17, 2022

      Yes! You must know him?

  2. Nia Kapitanova

    January 19, 2022

    I have been a longtime reader and love your posts. I am Bulgarian/American currently living in Berlin, so if there is anything you may need help with getting in Berlin as a surprise for your son, I would be more than happy to help you. I am not religious and do not where any LDS sites are, but I do love hopping around my city! Please don’t be shy in ever reaching out if you feel like it! Warm wishes and health to your family in battling/avoiding Covid.

    • mlehnardt8@msn.com

      January 19, 2022

      Nia! How nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind offer! He is in Hamburg right now, but when he’s in Berlin I will take you up on your kind offer. Thank you and than you again!

  3. Elizabeth

    January 20, 2022

    I know “of” Elder Golly. I grew up in the same stake as his mother. (His grandpa was even my 7th grade English teacher.) Then a daughter of one of my good high school friends dated him in high school, so I saw a lot of pictures of him on Facebook. It is such a small, wonderful world!

  4. Nia Kapitanova

    January 28, 2022

    I am unable to reply directly to your comment for some reason, but I wanted to tell you to please not be shy. I hope my email can be seen by you with my comment. I understand what it’s like to have your mother across the ocean missing you, so I would be delighted to ease that for someone else.

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