I’m Only Me When I’m With You

As an unabashed country music fan I am slowly spreading the love through my family. Half the buttons on Erik’s car radio are now tuned to country because he knows I love it; even Ben has learned to appreciate country’s clever lyrics and cheerful rhythms.

Cute little Taylor Swift is a new favorite of ours. We did have to ban her song, “Picture to Burn” because Mary and I got really into the chorus, “I hate that stupid old pick-up truck you never let me drive…”

The nice little girls in the neighborhood don’t say “stupid” or “hate” and we are trying to be more like them.

But I am completely smitten with I’m Only Me When I’m With You. This love song is devoid of any teenage Romeo; it’s written to her family– mom, dad, siblings. Check it out; feel the love.

April 23, 2008
April 27, 2008



  1. Bonnie

    April 27, 2008

    That’s such a pretty song!

  2. Claudia

    April 28, 2008

    Yeah, so happy to hear your a fan too! The buttons on my car have to compete with classical and showtunes. Still can’t understand why they don’t get a kick out of, “There’s my girl, my whole world, but that aint my truck”. Must be the Texan in me:)

  3. katherine

    April 29, 2008

    That is probably her best yet.

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