Yesterday afternoon I took Stefan to our fabulous pianist, Robyn, in preparation for a(low-key) violin competition today. Robyn is always incredibly supportive and complimentary of Stefan’s playing. They went through the piece a few times and then she called into the kitchen– “Kristy, come in here and bring your friends. Stefan needs an audience.”

Into the room walked four gorgeous, tan, long-haired, long-legged high school girls. They giggled, whispered, passed around a bag of popcorn and perched themselves on the couch while Stefan blushed all the way up to his hairline.

Is there anything more intimidating to an 8th grade boy than pretty high-school girls?

He played; they applauded, and Robyn turned around on her piano stool and said, “See, the judges won’t scare you at all after that!”

I don’t think Stef could breathe normally again until we were halfway home.

April 18, 2008
April 20, 2008



  1. Bonnie

    April 19, 2008

    That is hilarious! Thanks for a laugh. That’s just what I need right now…♥

  2. Blue

    April 19, 2008

    cute story! good luck in the competition! ♥

  3. millertimeab

    April 19, 2008

    oh that is just priceless!

  4. Ken

    April 20, 2008

    Stefan is COOL!!! Michelle, thanks for sharing!

  5. katherine

    April 20, 2008

    That is so funny!!!

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