it all looks impossible, until it doesn’t

Sitting on the floor of my closet, laptop and microphone perched on a plastic clothing bin, surrounded by my favorite sweatshirts and outdated pencil skirts (seriously, why did I ever wear or, gasp, buy anything so uncomfortable?), I restarted the podcast.

I’m six episodes in and maybe, kinda, sorta ready to share it with you. I do love the topic. It’s about your ability to create a life you love despite outside circumstances. You can create your own traditions, go on that trip, build that chicken coop. You just need to move forward. And when you fail (and oh my, do I fail), that moves you forward too.

Enough preaching to the choir. It’s a good episode.

Erik and I loved doing the podcast together, until we didn’t. It just took so much time. But I found I missed it. There are times I simply have more to say, stories that are better to tell, not type.

And honestly, while it’s still about parenting, the whole podcast (every episode) is more like the blog and more about creating a life you love. Because you can. You truly can.

from Ben and Sammie’s always adorable condo
March 2, 2021


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  1. appian

    March 9, 2021

    Great artiϲle, just what I neеded.

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