It takes a village…

Gabriel is not pleased.

I took Gabe and Mary to Hollywood Video to check out Scooby Doo and Strawberry Shortcake DVDs. I realize that’s the equivalent of feeding them toxic waste but I need a few hours of quiet. They chose their poison quickly and ran to the checkout counter. Mary and Gabe stopped in stunned amazement and Mary whispered loudly, “What are those?”

The clerk had full-size screwdrivers in his ears. “Wow.” I said. “Do they hurt?” He assured us that he hardly noticed them and that previously he had even bigger things in his ears. I don’t think I believe him. I know that when I wear earrings 1 gram bigger than my regulars my ears ache all day long.

I told him he should get an Allen wrench through his eyebrow and then he could get a great job assembling furniture. He laughed.

At home Hans and Xander had hauled all the white pettiskirt boxes up from the basement. They were intently building a little village of white houses.

Mary created her own little house and I was surprised at how “girl-like” it is. She instructed me on exactly how to cut the doors and window and how to tape the roof. We pulled out markers and she drew a clock, calendar and tv on the walls . She decorated the outside and the roof. Then she pulled it to another part of the kitchen and declared that she lived in a different neighborhood than those “noisy boys.” When Xander tried to move her back over she closed the door and told him she was trying to watch the news. Finally she consented to a visit from Ben.

Scooby and Strawberry are still sitting neglected in their cases– and that’s a good thing– but I may still need them tomorrow.

September 25, 2007
September 27, 2007