little love necklaces

Ever since I showed off these cute little Russian doll necklaces, I’ve been bombarded with questions about them. They are the easiest little craft you can imagine (because I only do easy crafts). My sister and I put ten necklaces together in about 15 minutes the night before Stefan’s farewell. 
 photo EI3C5886copy_zps8912a96d.jpg
Despite their simplictiy, they do take a bit of advance preparation.
First, I searched for a digital collage sheet on Etsy. I wanted authentic Russian art, so I purchased mine from Ekaterina from Irkutsk, Russia.
$3.50 purchases a digital download with 36 darling babushkas. Because I wanted excellent quality, I sent the sheet to Replicolor (where I do most of my photo printing). You could also use your printer at home, but for $1.50, I think Replicolor is well worth it.
 photo EI3C7387copy_zpse88b053a.jpg

Almost any design you can dream of is available on Etsy from talented designers charging only a few dollars for their artwork.

 photo EI3C7415copy_zps7bba1e95.jpg
While you are on Etsy, you might as well purchase complete pendant kits– tray, glass and chain all in one.

Trust me, I spent way too much time on ebay searching for the best price and quality, and these kits (at just over a dollar a necklace) are the very best out there. TIP: I ordered the ball chain necklaces and I wouldn’t do it again. They look pretty but the clasps are difficult for most people.

 photo EI3C7420_zps9d279463.jpg
Once you have your artwork and the pendant kits, you’re ready to roll. I used Mod Podge because I had it around (one bottle seems to last a lifetime), but you might want to buy glue from the pendant lady on Etsy.
For circles, I have a lovely 1″ hole punch. I love it so. Extremely useful for creating confetti. But for ovals and hearts and such, you’ll need nail scissors and (if you’re over 40) reading glasses.
 photo EI3C7404copy_zps5ee0f15e.jpg
Don’t worry about cutting the oval perfectly. As I often say, “Perfection is the enemy of creativity.” The glass dome makes up for a few ragged edges.
Use a sponge brush to apply one drop of glue to the glass. Brush it smooth and immediately place the art on the glass. If you mess up terribly, just soak it off and try again. The glue only needs a few minutes to dry before you apply another drop to the pendant tray and glue it all together.
 photo EI3C7414copy_zpsbb9c9365.jpg
Easy peasy. And oh so cute.
p.s. speaking of Russia, we received Stefan’s first letter today. He’s happy, and that makes me happy.

May 6, 2013



  1. Claudia

    May 2, 2013

    Those are the cutest things ever! Can’t wait to pull out my very old bottle of Modge Podge 🙂

    Stefan’s letter was wonderful! I love the confidence yet humility that boy has always carried like a beacon of light. Praying for him as well as another little missionary I know who is probably bathing in a bucket right about now before going to sleep on a dirt floor. Heavy sigh. Love you all!

  2. ashli

    May 2, 2013

    so cute Michelle! you never cease to amaze!!

  3. Tracy

    May 2, 2013

    I love them. I’ll pay you to make us some…as even this surpasses my craft skills. oy. xoxox

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