Lizzy’s Farewell

EI3C7735 copyIt’s no secret we love our Lizzy. She’s knows all our inside jokes, where to put the dishes away, how to coax us out of bad moods and she’s content to do anything or nothing. Perhaps the biggest compliment came from Hans, just weeks into his mission, when he wrote to Xander saying, “You should call Lizzy just to talk. I wish I’d done that more when I could.”

Lizzy’s one of the easiest people in the world to chat with; she always listens, never judges and offers just the right amounts of sympathy and advice. LDS missionaries are allowed only two phone calls a year– Christmas and Mother’s Day. So we’re all going to miss those conversations.

The night before Lizzy spoke in church, her family hosted a farewell party on the beach– bubbles and footballs and Frisbee, hot dogs, s’mores, roasted corn, watermelon, hours of conversation and sparklers after the sun dipped into the ocean.

Well, you can see it all here:

Lizzy’s Farewell from Michelle Lehnardt on Vimeo.

EI3C7685 copy


EI3C7752 copyEI3C7679 copyThe next day Lizzy spoke beautifully in church and we settled in for a few days of just savoring her company: making pie, taking long walks, days at the beach, card games and board games and just talking, talking, talking. Each of us took turns crying and then reminded each other to enjoy our time together. At times, Lizzy just lay her head in her mom’s lap and cried.
IMG_7264 copy

I took one last photo of the stair step kids– by the time Lizzy comes home in 18 months we’re sure John will be taller than Zoey (and maybe Lizzy too).

IMG_7351 copyIMG_7383 copy
IMG_7431 copy

IMG_7414 copyIMG_7461 copy

Oh they’re going to miss her! And we all will. But we know she’s doing God’s work in Cochabamba. We’ll write and we’ll pray for her.

And we’ll wish we’d called her on the phone more,

when we could,

just to talk,

just because we could.

IMG_7548 copy

June 21, 2016



  1. Ruth Mitchell

    June 26, 2016

    As Lizzy said at the bonfire, “I like to always have my personal videographer with me.” I’m so grateful for the photos and videos to fill the big hole in my heart.

  2. ellen patton

    June 27, 2016

    Lizzy sounds like the dream daughter, sister, cousin, friend. And I’m sure she’ll be a dream of a missionary!

  3. Michelle

    June 29, 2016

    perfection. how can you not have perfection while savoring time on the beach with the people who are most important to you? love it. almost can feel the sea breeze….

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