Mama at Segullah

Do you have friends that you are proud of? Oh yeah, me too.

In fact, besides my adorable family, I am most proud of my amazing friends of every age from every walk of life. I often wonder why these cool people put up with me? But I’m grateful that they do.

Today, it’s Mama of The Elmo Wallpaper who consented to write about Mormons on Segullah. Her words are so generous, so kind, that she’s earned a spot in the Nice-to-Weird-Mormons Hall of Fame. I warned her that the commenters on Segullah will certainly try to convert her (we can’t resist that sort of thing) but she laughed it off.

Thanks Mama for seeing the best in us. Thanks for seeing the best in me.

October 14, 2009
October 17, 2009