Mary at 16

Just like that, she’s sixteen.

I woke Mary up from a nap today, “Hurry, you have a guitar lesson. I’ll grab the keys and meet you in the car.”

And she reminded me, “It’s OK, mom. I can drive myself.”

Even though she’d gone to the grocery store earlier and to the bank, I just can’t wrap my head around it. She can drive.

Mary’s one of those kids who made a goal to get her license on her birthday and then did everything to make it happen. I don’t know about where you live, but you have to jump through a dozen hoops to get your license in Utah (especially if you don’t take driver’s ed at the high school) and she carefully planned every one.

Her ability to plan and take action served her well this year. She created a swim school (an organizational feat), ordered supplies, hired employees, communicated with over 100 moms and built a thriving little business. With some of the money she earned, she bought an electric guitar and the couch she’s sitting on in the photos above.

At Christmas, she pulled out my computer and shopped online for everyone. When I asked if she was using my accounts and just planned on repaying me, she cheerfully replied, “Nope. I got myself a debit card, created all my own accounts and I’ve got it covered.” When she wants new workout gear or a shirt from Madewell, she just orders it online. It’s a beautiful sight.

I’m most proud of her determination to feel happier, to treat people with kindness, her vigorous faith in God.

On Mary’s birthday we’d planned an amazing meringue cake. But the mixer broke and the meringue failed. Mary cheerfully suggested we put candles in the meatloaf I’d made for dinner. She was genuinely just as happy with or without the cake.

You’ve grown so much this year, baby girl. I can hardly wait to see what you’ll do next.

January 20, 2020
February 9, 2020


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  1. Adri Murdock

    January 28, 2020

    She’s grown into such a beautiful and independent young woman! I’ve loved watching her grow up via your blog all these years. And these pictures beg the question…how many swimsuits does this swim teacher have?!? ? She’s adorable! Wish my little girls could be in her swim school!

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