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Around Mother’s Day, a few compassionate friends express concern I am missing my mother. I answer, “She’s with me all the time.”

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She is. And I don’t mean it in a sappy/Hallmark card sort of way. I feel her presence as I set the table with her lovely dishes, make silly faces with Gabe or splurge on luxurious rose lotion at the mall.

But my mother and I didn’t always get along this well. During much of her lifetime, we struggled. Today, I’m writing about our evolving relationship on Segullah. I’m always hesitant to say anything negative about my now truly angel mother, but she whispers, “Tell the truth. Tell people they have hope. Christ heals every wound; tends every heart. We have so much happiness ahead of us.”

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May 8, 2013
May 15, 2013



  1. Claudia

    May 11, 2013

    I just read your post on Segullah. Wow, Michelle! As your long time friend and sister in the faith, I applaud you and your ability to be so honest and so humble and enlightening all at once. You’re words touch my heart and bring me great comfort. Thank you. Thank you. xoxo

  2. annie

    May 12, 2013


  3. Hildie

    May 12, 2013

    I haven’t read your Segullah post yet but it’s very amazing to me how relationships can grow an evolve after someone’s death. My relationship with my father has definitely improved since his death, and it’s not just one-sided.

    I sort feel like a nut-job saying that. Like I’m some weirdo having seances. But you get it, right?

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