Older Kids Need Tucking in too

today I’m guest posting at 3 Things for Mom. I was recently introduced to Lauren and I love her concept of short posts including a truth, a tip and a find. She features different writers every weekday and I’ve loved learning (in just three minutes) from moms all over the country with different perspectives and fresh ideas.

We have an extraordinarily open household– everyone knows the names of my boys’ current crushes, it’s family knowledge when one of boys kisses a girl and we openly discuss pornography in the locker room, drug use and drinking. You can read the rest here.

And of course, after all that serious stuff, I just talked about parties. 🙂 ‘Cause parties are the best.



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  1. Annie

    March 15, 2013

    Amen to it all! Loved the post. It’s amazing what comes out in those twilight conversations. And in cars.

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