Rosalyn Richardson– at Segullah

Ros is one of my favoritest people.

You know the moment during the sacrament when your kids start having an all-out brawl? She’ll scoop one of them up for you, follow you to the foyer and mop up tears while assuring you you’re the best mother on the planet.

For a brief stint, Ros and I were visiting teaching companions, but we are both too crazy/flaky/busy and ended up doing lots of phone visits and last day of the month treat-drops. Wiser minds switched us to more responsible companions. Now, Ros teaches Relief Society and we all look forward to her real-life– the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful– approach to gospel subjects.

Today, Ros is featured in an interview at Segullah. Among the many traits I admire about Ros are her abilities to laugh at her problems, accept people “as is,” and her constant desire to learn and improve.

My struggles are molehills compared to the mountains Ros has climbed, but she never belittles me or brushes my worries aside. I try very hard to fit in; to be a square. But Ros encourages me to be a polyhedra hexagon. And don’t we all love people who encourage us to be different, to be more than we are?

Head on over to Segullah— Ros will inspire you too.

October 29, 2008
November 1, 2008