I picked Mary up from her friend’s house today and she cooed in my ear “I love Isabelle. I am going to miss her the mostest.”

I turned to tell Isabelle’s mommy this sweet endearment and Mary clapped her little hand over my mouth and whispered earnestly in my ear, “Everything I say and everything I do is a SECRET. You can’t tell anybody.”

So I’m going to stop talking about Mary in this blog— or maybe not. 😉

January 30, 2008



  1. Jan Russell

    February 2, 2008

    I will not breath a word of this to anyone 😉

  2. Glazier5

    February 2, 2008

    I hope this is not a secret, but I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope this is your best year yet!

  3. Melissa

    February 5, 2008

    So cute, lol!!

  4. Bonnie

    March 26, 2008

    Aww! That’s adorable.

  5. Bonnie

    March 26, 2008

    Mary is so cute and funny. PLEASE DON’T STOP WRITING ABOUT HER!!! I want to know more about everything adorable she does. Don’t worry, you won’t have to tell her. 😉

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