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Communication Mastery

Model Number: Communication-Mastery
When you have happy, easy communication in your home you can solve any problem with your teen.
This transformative course includes the best of brain science, positive psychology, and Life Coaching to increase the love and communication in your home.
We do this with 6 FOUNDATION sessions, 9 COMMUNICATION sessions and THE TOOL BOX with 35 powerful parenting tools. You’ll decrease worry, yelling and criticism while increasing conversation, listening, encouragement and calm, confident discipline.
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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Communication Mastery Course: Listening, Talking with Teens, Yelling, Worry, Criticism, Praise vs. Encouragement, Discipline and  Crisis Communication so you have confidence with any topic (Valued At $297)

  • SPECIAL TOPICS: Understanding the Teen Brain, Getting Your Partner on the Same Page, How to Make the Most of this Course

  • Foundations of Communication Course All the best from life coaching and brain science  (Valued At $97)

  • THE TOOL BOX 35 Powerful Parenting Tools (Valued At $97)

  • Our 61 page Communication Workbook with powerful worksheets, checklists and habit trackers to help you get the most out of the course (Valued At $97)

  • IT’S ALL ON THE APP. Download our app and take the course–videos, worksheets, etc.– everywhere you go. (Valued At $97) 

  •  BONUS: Parents! Take Care of Yourself (Valued At $97)

  •  BONUS: How to Coach Yourself and Your Teens (without driving them crazy!) (Valued At $97)

  •  BONUS: How to Addiction Proof Your Teen with Taylor Berhow M.S.W. (Valued At $97)

  • SURPRISE BONUS! We ask for your address so we can send you THE TOOL BOX: 35 parenting tool cards to help you remain consistent (and your kids will love them).When you have happy, easy communication in your home you can solve any problem with your teen. Break down those walls and enjoy thriving relationships with everyone in your family.

You can complete this mini-course in the time it takes to watch a movie (or in 5-10 minutes per day).


We know you will be thrilled with our program. 

Not only will you increase the communication in your family, you’ll improve all the relationships in your life. If you get to the end of the course and feel like it was not worth your money, we will refund you immediately (during business hours). We’re willing to take this risk because we have seen our program help families and we can’t bear the thought of you passing it up because you’re not sure whether or not it will work.