Sunday Sillies and sweetness

Oh my, we are silly here today.

At the wedding last night the cute fratbrother MC suggested that even better than eating the cake was taking a piece home, slipping it under your pillow and dreaming of the one you’ll marry.

Darling Gabriel took his suggestion very seriously and insisted on wrapping up his cake taking it home and hoping, praying that he would glimpse the girl of his dreams in his dreams. Sadly, this morning he couldn’t remember any visions at all.

My cousin’s wedding was great fun. Since Mormon weddings are in the temple my kids have been mostly to receptions. They loved seeing the pomp of a traditional wedding, listening to the preacher and hearing the couple cry during their sweet vows. And you know, since the couple lives in Wisconsin, his parents live in Idaho and the bride’s parents live in Ogden it was awfully nice of them to plan the wedding 15 minutes from my house. 😉

Miss Mary was a beautiful twirling whirling dervish at the dinner and reception. Nearly everyone in attendance commented that they’d never seen a more active child. And really that’s comforting to me, ’cause I’d hate to think her wildness is just my imagination.

But this morning the wild Mary has been replaced by pure sweetness. She spent the morning sprawled on the floor creating cards for friends and teachers. Two love notes were written expressly to baby girls in our neighborhood, “I hope you grow up to pick flowers. I hope you grow long pretty hair.”

It fascinates me that Mary’s lack of hair compels her to worry about other little girls without ponytails. Little does she know that these babies will likely sport flowing tresses long before Mary’s grows in.

Miss Mary’s beauty has never been diminished by her lack of curls but I am so happy she has developed kindness and compassion along with her boisterous, bossy personality. I look back to those years where I thought she would never stop screaming and I am amazed by how far we’ve come, how clearly my prayers have been answered.

Wait, I’m waxing philosophical and this post was about Sunday silliness, here’s a pic of Ben and Mary having a water fight while he does the dishes. At least the floor got mopped too.

And since this is getting way too long and you are surely done reading I’ll share a little more sweetness that I want to record just for me. Miss Mary is undoubtedly spoiled but I felt better today since she thanked me a hundred times for her new toothbrush, “It’s the bestest, prettiest toothbrush ever. You never have to buy me a new one.”

And Ben, “Thanks for the new shower curtain mom. I love it. It’s so thick and has nice metal grommets and NO MOLD!”

And cute Xander-man, “Thanks for washing my blue blanket mom. I love sleeping with a clean blanket.”

Yep, it’s the little things. I highly recommend being a slacker homemaker– the slightest tasks inspire so much gratitude.

September 6, 2008
September 10, 2008



  1. Claudia

    September 9, 2008

    Slacker mom, blah! If you can see most of the kitchen counter and you can get your 17 year old son to do dishes, then I’d say I want to grow up and be just like you. Where are the pics of the wedding? I’m dying to see.

  2. Will and Joan Turley Family

    September 9, 2008

    Michelle —

    You have such a wonderful family and I love living across the street from you so we can see your cute children grow up — it’s amazing how much they have grown in the short time you have been here!

    The Turley family is certainly appreciative of the friendship it has with the Lehnardt family and hope it will continue for many years to come!!!

    Love —


  3. Melissa

    September 10, 2008

    “I highly recommend being a slacker homemaker– the slightest tasks inspire so much gratitude.”

    ROFL! That sounds eerily familiar. I got thank you’s this morning for clean socks. LOLOL

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