Sunday Sillies

The boys are just giddy today. Ben is in a crazy mood and challenged all the little boys to run around the house in the dark with shirts off. Yeah, it’s 20 degrees out there.

We had a silly visitor last night. Roger dressed up in an elf costume and came into our house singing and dancing and just generally being a nut. I wish I had better pictures– I keep my camera on all these fancy setting these days and sometimes you just have to set it on automatic and take a snapshot.

Erik is sick and Mary is so concerned about him. She kisses him and pats his head and orders me to bring him blankets and soup. In an effort to make him more comfortable she brough all her dolls and stuffed animals downstairs and created a little hospital.

I asked the boys to play a violin/viola duet for my Sunday School last night and thye’ve been practicing a bit. Af ter the practice Ben pulled out a favorite viola song and played it while Stefan sat down on the ground and looked through my messy files for music that he likes. “Jesu Joy,” “Ava Maria,” “Greensleeves,” Oh My Father” etc. I watched them in wonder and asked if it was OK if I just stood there for a minute and cried tears of joy. Then they went back to running around the house with their shirts off.

We rented the movie “Amazing Grace” a few weeks ago and just finished watching it today. It’s a fabulous movie. I absolutely loved it. Off to put these sillies to bed. I am one tired mommy today!

December 18, 2007



  1. twoelves

    December 17, 2007

    Okay Michelle… what talent do you not have? Your photography is amazing. Loved your post about your hubby too! Tatyana

  2. hansie

    December 24, 2007

    Roger is a very fun guy

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