the bunk beds

It’s a messy room, a boy room with chipped bunkbeds stacked in the corner.

Xander 20, sleeps on the bottom while Gabe, 17 sleeps on the top. We’ve use these bunkbeds since before these boys were born. Their older brothers did the same dance of kicking on the top bunk and throwing things down to the bottom. They still have a nightly powerplay over who has to turn off the ceiling light.

Even though our house is emptying right now; even though two rooms sit vacant, these two brothers– forever called ‘the little boys’ but now the tallest of the five– still choose the bunkbeds. They choose the evening talks, the brother who pushes snooze seven times, the laundry mixups (though Xander did run to the guest room when Gabe had stomach flu).

It’s a short season, just this year, for our three youngest to be reunited at home together. Next summer, Gabe will leave for two years. By the time he comes home, Mary will be a high school graduate…

We’re thoroughly enjoying Xander at home — his giant personality, his quirks, his kindness….his quiet presence under the blue blanket on the bottom bunk.

November 7, 2019
November 10, 2019