the first four days of Halloween

I’m trying to catch up a bit here– once we hit Thanksgiving, everything about fall and Halloween feels outdated. So please forgive the rush…

As I mentioned, Halloween this year was far too extensive for one post. There was a school dance, a murder-mystery dinner, school carnival, Beehive party, Hope’s birthday and most important– Heather’s birthday.

It’s fantastic to have Heather in the family for many reasons, but we love that her October 30th birthday gives us an excuse for an all-out, dress-up, play games Halloween birthday party.

Gabe was so tired from a weekend of Ultimate Frisbee tournaments he napped between every game and at the dinner table.

Only Mary can properly write “Two-four-six-oh-one!” on Xander’s arm.

And Gabe’s asleep again.


Poor Heather will never get to blow out her own candles at our house.

Going back in time… Friday night.

Thursday… Mary decided to have a party for her Beehive class with one day’s notice. We made it a warm-up for Heather’s party: decorating cookies,

a tea party,

pin the spider on the web,

shoot the  balloons,

necklace making and the classic eat-the-donut-from-the-string game. I thought the girls might be timidРI was SO wrong.

Xander as a hippie on the way to Monster Mash.

I love replacing all our photos with old Halloween photos.

Trunk-or-Treat, Eagles after dark…