the happiest, loveyist day

As Ben carried Fritzie into the house, he said, “Yep, even as an adult, Valentine’s is the best holiday for a birthday– a festive atmosphere all day, everyone goes home from work early, and yet not such a big holiday that you feel overshadowed.”

Ben’s birthday celebrations spread over three days this year– go cart racing with the siblings on Saturday (and I LOVE that they did that), a Valentine/Super Bowl party on Sunday (didn’t you feel like every grocery store was having an identity crisis? Superbowl! Valentine’s! What to do?), and finally on Feb 14th.

It’s such a fitting birthday for Ben who truly loves his friends, co-workers, in-laws, siblings and especially Fritzie and Sammie.

Fritzie liked Ben’s book,

But he was MUCH more excited about the chocolate.

ready for doorbell ditching– we didn’t make it to as many houses this year. But it make my heart happy to see Xander, Madi and Mary carry on the tradition in their neck of the woods.
I threw my newly knitted hat on the table and decided it looked good there.

I always love the post-Valentine’s mess.

And there were a lot of beautiful Valentines, but maybe Xander’s stole the show…

Happy Birthday Ben! Let’s make it a three day celebration every year



  1. ellen patton

    February 22, 2022

    That hat is so cute!!

  2. Anne Marie

    March 2, 2022

    What amazing traditions you have!! So much joy and celebration. And, I’m with Ellen. That hat is darling. xox

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