the tooth

Swimming at the pool and a cookout in the canyon were the plans for this weekend but the rain just kept pouring down. Instead, we spent most of the time:

playing Webkinz,


floating tin-foil boats down the gutter,

working on Hansie’s Ala-laska report,

and conquering the world.

But one HUGE event did take place.

Gabriel lost his first tooth.

When he discovered that it was loose Monday morning he was concerned that he needed to go to the dentist and would surely need to miss school in the morning. Who could possibly attend school with a loose tooth?

So I reached over and pulled it right out.

Gleefully, Gabe grabbed the tooth and ran all over the house announcing to everyone that he had lost his very first baby tooth.

But when the big boys suggested that he place it under his pillow in exchange for quarters a look of horror came over his face, “I’m not going to let that ol’ tooth fairy get MY tooth. I’m keeping it forever!”

He hid it in his piggybank where the fairly would surely never find it.

This morning Gabriel brought his piggybank downstairs and we sifted through to find the tiny tooth.

yes, it does say ‘little prince’ and yes, 1/2 his coins are plastic

As my friends arrived for scripture group this morning he met each one at the door, “HAVE YOU HEARD THE BIG NEWS? I LOST MY FIRST TOOTH!!!” My sweet friends oohed and aahed as they admired his little tooth.

But a miniature incisor can only be shown off for so long before calamity descends upon it. The tooth was dropped into a heating vent never to be seen again.

We made a valiant search and finally comforted Gabriel with the reasoning that at least his tooth was safe from the wicked ol’ tooth fairy.

Upon hearing his sad tale my neighbor gave him two shiny quarters.

Hmmm, maybe teeth in exchange for money isn’t such a bad deal after all.

May 26, 2008
May 28, 2008



  1. Claudia

    May 28, 2008

    With Mary on our team conquering the world should be easy! Loved the princess piggy bank and Eric playing webkinz -LOL!We love your family…we need an UNO game night soon, don’t you think?

  2. Jan Russell

    May 28, 2008

    He is such a delicious little boy -I love Gabriel! His toothless smile is adorable, I’m glad he’s cashing in 😉

  3. Blue

    May 28, 2008

    “Did ya hear the big news???!!!”

    that’s the first thing he said when i got to your house. it was so adorable!

    the first 3 baby teeth that fell out of bonnie’s mouth ended up getting lost. i never even saw them. she was distraught, but was consoled that the tooth fairy can find any tooth, no matter where it is. she left a note just to be safe, and thankfully that did the trick.

    so it just may turn out that the “ole’ tooth fairy” ends up with gabie’s first tooth after all. i can think of worse destinies.

    great entry. ♥

  4. Ken

    May 29, 2008

    You have shown the “little ones” are really the most important part of our lives. Thanks for making an ordinary rainy day into an “extraordinary day” with your words and beautiful photos!

  5. GeorgiaBecksteads

    June 1, 2008

    After seeing Eric at the computer, I’ll admit I love Zingo pop.

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