too school for cool

Back to school– perhaps the least creative of all blog entries and yet among the most useful for reminiscing.

Despite whining all summer about school starting far too early (August 21st), when Wednesday dawned everyone was more than ready to go. Is is the new pencils and glue sticks? Reuniting with friends? Or the simple joy of settling back into routine after late nights and crazy days?

Hans left way too early for a photo (6 am!), but Gabe was more than willing to share Xander’s spotlight as he set off for ninth grade (still jr high where we live).

 photo EI3C3800copy_zps03e1c264.jpg
get out of the photo, Gabe!
 photo EI3C3824copy_zpsed7a2cfe.jpg
fabulous tee courtesy of Kel George
 photo EI3C3872copy_zps6297845a.jpg
Gabe got his moment 90 minutes later when leaving with Mary for 6th and 3rd grade.
 photo EI3C3856copy_zps9906ccc1.jpg
wait, let’s stop and admire Mary’s dress we finished sewing the night before and a hairstyle we’ve been perfecting all summer (we call this the ‘Swiss Miss’).
 photo EI3C3859copy_zps52bc449a.jpg

The first day of school calls for a celebratory dinner (with lemonade to drink!) and father’s blessings. A Mormon tradition the world over, fathers lay hands on their childrens’ heads and bless them for a year of learning, friendship, kindness, peace and any other needs (ponies not included). I always ask for a blessing too; I need heavenly help as much as (or more than) anyone around here.
 photo EI3C3907copy_zps6d199316.jpg
Taking photos during a blessing is considered irreverent, but I snapped a few as they sat down in the traditional chair.
 photo EI3C3909copy_zps4e509cec.jpg
And for the first time in Erik’s 21.5 years of parenting, he received a back-to-school blessing too. As an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood, he can give blessings, heal the sick, bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost, ordain others…
 photo EI3C3912copy_zps500b423b.jpg
And finally, an photo of cute Hans (11th grade) with Ben who doesn’t start for another two weeks (when he moves out again…sniff, sniff).
 photo EI3C3927copy_zpsca316515.jpg

Some years I shed tears when the kids go to school, but this year, I simply got to work cleaning my kitchen, mopping, vacuuming, Windexing mirrors and windows and reveling in the quiet. They’ll be home soon enough.

August 18, 2013



  1. Cath

    August 23, 2013

    Missing you. Once Eliza’s back in school, I’ll be by. For a visit. Catching up on your blog. Where have I been?? Love you and your beautiful life.

  2. ellen

    August 26, 2013

    Is Erik going back to school?!?

  3. Michelle

    August 26, 2013

    Ellen– no, but he’d love to!

  4. Unknown

    August 28, 2013

    Michelle, isn’t Mary in 4th?

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