Twas the night before Halloween…

and all through the house kids are running wild! We just went shopping for pumpkins at Smith’s. As the kids were crawling through the pumpkin patch our neighbor approached us to chat. “Hey,” he called to Hans, “I”m Katherine Nielsen’s dad. Do you know her?”

We all started giggling and Erik said,”Yes, he knows her. He carved his initials next to hers in the new sidewalk by our house. And he drew a heart around it!” Hans was laughing and blushing so much he couldn’t stand up straight. Just goes to show– vandalism doesn’t pay!

After choosing pumpkins we were standing in the checkout line at the store and Gabriel was holding my hand as he always does. Suddenly he yanked my arm and pulled me down to eye-level, his face full of worry. “Mom, when I grow up and I’m a dad when am I going to see you?”

“Oh Gabe,” I answered. “you can come over anytime and I will play with your kids and make dinner for you.”

“Oh, good.” And he was fine. But what am I going to do when Gabriel grows up and doesn’t think the moon and the sun revolve around me? It’s so nice to have a little boy who loves me so much. He’s going to be fine; but I will miss little boy Gabriel my entire life.

So while I’ve been playing here Erik and the boys have carved half the pumpkins. Erik offered to make a cute one for Mary but she wanted a scary face with a pig nose. To each her own.

October 30, 2007
November 1, 2007