Wackadoo Fritzie’s Two!

It’s only 3.5 months since Fritzie’s birthday, but so much has changed. Gabe was two days off his mission, Hans didn’t know about UNC.

And Fritzie! He was still a baby! These days, he poses for the camera, carries himself like a little boy, and talks a mile a minute. Wells now crawls across the yard and Lars sits up and tries to crawl…. they are changing, quickly and constantly. Babyhood slipping through our fingers. We’re not taking enough photos, we can’t possibly savor it all…

Back in June, Ben and Sammie put together an incredible Bluey party. If you haven’t watched Bluey, you need to look it up on Disney+ right now. It’s the sweetest, silliest, 8-10 minute show that delights kids and teaches adults how to be better people.

FUN FACT: Gabe and Mary watch an episode of Bluey together at BYU almost every day.

The darling cake and the games were inspired by Bluey episodes: “Duck Cake” “Magic Asparagus” “Grannies” “Dance Mode”