Welcome Home Gabe!

Everything, everything, for so many months, has centered on June 9th– Gabe’s homecoming. Especially in January, when the world looked so bleak, we’d comfort ourselves with conversations like: “the babies will be 2, 4 and 24 months,” “the roses will be blooming,” “the pool will be open and we’ll swim, hike and have cookouts in the canyon,” “everyone will be out of school!” etc.

And it’s June.

And he’s home.

This video captures some of the best glimpses of that beautiful day, but others are too elusive for film.

  • in the stake presidents’ office when he asked Erik and all Gabe’s brothers to give him a blessing
  • when Lars started to cry and Gabe said, “please, someone help me!”
  • in the car, Gabe calling out, “look at those beautiful mountains!” every four seconds
  • the first time Gabe made Wellsie laugh

Wisely, Gabe planned a cookout in the canyon that evening. Honestly, it was the best activity for a newly returned missionary. At home, we tend to scatter, but around the campfire we stayed close.

He’s happy and kind and grateful and constantly tells us how much he missed us. We’re listening to German pop music and catching up on ‘The Mandalorian.’

It’s been a hard, hard year (this is the last time I’ll say that!), but I think it’s going to be a glorious summer.



  1. Anne Marie

    June 26, 2022

    PURE MAGIC!!! So much love! So many smiles! Your Gabe is positively radiant! And your family is so beautiful together! All those grand babies! I love how they are surrounded by oodles of hugs and adoring people
    What a good life, my dear friend. You are an incredible mama and grandma!! Xoxox

  2. jen

    July 9, 2022

    Smiling big at this.

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