yep, I’m surprised too

Not gonna lie. I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

But I’m so glad I did.

When I asked Erik what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, “I want you get a real estate license.” I laughed the first few times, but started to take him seriously on the sixth or seventh mention.

And you know, I preach growth mindset and lifelong learning all day long. So, I googled a course and jumped right in.

If you’re a realtor or you know real estate, you’re laughing at me right now. Because real estate school is not the sort of thing you just do on a whim. Except I did.

Last summer, we helped Stefan and Heather purchase a duplex. They put one side on AirBnB and fixed up the other for their own living space. And it went so beautifully and we had so much fun putting in floors, tiling the bathroom and painting moldings, we decided we wanted to help more young adults get into real estate.

So I spent 150 boring/educational hours in my basement studying real estate. I traveled to a high security testing center to be fingerprinted and take the national and state test, then signed on with Century 21.

And here I am, with a nice little stack of business cards, a lot of ideas and a CrAzY real estate market (if you live in Utah and you have the slightest desire to sell, you should sell RIGHT NOW. Call me.).

I’ll still be coaching and writing and taking photos and mostly just being mom.

And you know, real estate transactions are just one giant emotional jumble where people need open-hearted coaching, flattering photos, charming descriptions of their home and a mother’s shoulder to cry on. Right?

I’m specializing in two areas:

  • Helping families find their dream home (moms understand schools and neighborhoods and grocery stores like no one else)
  • Teaching young adults how to build credit and take advantage of favorable lending practices for first-time buyers

Wow, that sounded kind of serious, huh? Seriously, I really care about helping families. And I truly believe every home can be beautiful. Houses are walls, appliances, leaky roofs and possibly hardwood floors under that ugly carpet.

But home– home is where we laugh at each other’s dumb jokes, where you get sympathy for your bad day, where you tease each other during family prayer, where you create a life you love.

March 14, 2021