a fresh look

Confession time: I’m not posting these sneak previews just to be nice– I’m putting them here because I can always SEE more clearly on the blog.

Somehow, the crisp white background and the knowledge that YOU will be looking here opens my eyes to a photo that need a bit of contrast, a fix in color casts, sharpening or is maybe possibly absolutely perfect the way it is.

Writing is the same way on the blog. The combination of the fresh white page and your listening ears make life clear and beautiful. My muddled ideas pop into focus when they hit the page.

Saturday I was struggling to write an essay on teenagers and I finally just shut down microsoft word and began writing here in blogger. My blog friends are a diverse and intelligent group and you help me edit as I write, “Hmm, mama would tell me to stop taking that so seriously. Jane will think that’s funny. Ooh, Annie is going to expect better than that.”

Don’t worry, I’m not taking this blogging thing too seriously. Silliness will always reign supreme at my house but I love the way you make me think, I love the way you listen.


Two very different and very lovely family photo sessions: one of them I walked away saying, “We nailed it!” and the other I was sure I didn’t get a single decent shot. I don’t think I’ll tell you which was which because (amazingly!) they both turned out pretty nice. 😉

I’ll keep adding photos to this post over the next few days.

September 30, 2008
October 4, 2008



  1. Blue

    October 2, 2008

    clearly you’re a mite more critical of your work than we are. these both look fabulous! what adorable families.

    what time of day would be good for a photo shoot? doc says that he can do it this weekend…but because of gencon i’m not sure if you’d be available, which is totally understandable.

    next weekend is my race…then i may be taking The Bunch away on a research trip for her UL project the following. i’m guessing early day or evening light is best…anything better than mid-day sun. so thought i’d put that out there as a possibility if you’re available.

  2. sarah

    October 2, 2008

    well, if it makes you feel any better looks like you NAILED them both. Seriously some awesome pictures. I totally get it when you say you need to look at your work on your blog. Clearly I feel the same way and can get a better feel for what they really look like. Keep the pictures coming. Love you work.

  3. Annie

    October 2, 2008

    Both are gorgeous…I’m interested to hear which was which…but from my perspective you nailed both.
    I completely get what you’re saying about seeing it on the blog. I’m terrible because I still go in and tinker and edit (and sometimes delete!) after I post.

    And for the record, I love everything you write so no need to wonder if I’m expecting more 🙂

  4. Melissa

    October 2, 2008

    Is everyone in your world so gosh darn beautiful?! Gorgeous pictures Michelle!

  5. Chelle

    October 2, 2008

    I remember once when we were talking you said that you know you “got it” if it brings a tear to the eye.

    Well, darling friend…

    done and done.

    Thank you SO much. You are the best! Can’t wait to see the rest of ’em.

  6. Andrea

    October 2, 2008

    You are crazy talented lady. I am in awe. And I have to have you take our family pictures. You aren’t by chance bringing your camera to the marathon? We could hurry and pose at say mile 12? :0)

  7. Brooke

    October 2, 2008

    yes, it’s nothing short of a miracle! (although i didn’t doubt you for a second. it was the clients i was wary of. the second batch to be specific.)

    now i’m sending a prayer your way for the essay. good luck. i know it’ll be like everything else in your life and once you get your hands on it, it will be come a thing of beauty!


  8. Denise

    October 2, 2008

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Do you know a single unattractive person?

  9. Mama

    October 3, 2008

    1. Where is this piece on teenagers? Hmm?

    2. Is there anyone in the entire state of Utah who is not ridiculously pretty or attractive? Seriously? Is it, like, a Mormon rule of some kind? I am going to tell you right now that your blog is giving me a serious complex.

  10. Reluctant Nomad

    October 3, 2008

    so perfect. Just beautiful. And I want to steal that orchard and move it here…

  11. Blue

    October 4, 2008

    andrea (of “our best day”), i don’t think there’s such thing as michelle without her camera!

    here’s hoping you catch that elusive mile twelve shot! 😀

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