a visit to Jiggy’s house

Believers and theologians debate the qualities of heaven– who knows?– but for our family, celestial days will be much like an afternoon at the Garlicks.

Ostensibly, we drove to Logan to spin our honey– but the beekeeping is just a ruse.

Really we just want an excuse to lounge on the floor reading picture books with Izzy (a.k.a. nicest dog in the world).

And a reason to wear our matching jiggystick t-shirts.

You’d have to see the way Mary runs in terror from other dogs, to truly appreciate this photo.

The boys mind the spinner and swap jokes,

while a freshly baked pie (with dutch oven roasted apples) waits on the counter.

here comes the honey!

We help Lisa put the final touches on ‘not dinner, just a snack’ and I glean a few photography and quilting tips from Lisa (one of these days, I’ll do a tour of Lisa’s quilts– prepare to be astounded. Truly.).


iPhone photo: Gabe can hardly contain his joy over Dean’s famous honey ribs– even the staunchest vegetarian would waver.

 Every dish incorporates honey– honey ribs (with more honey drizzled over the top), homemade rolls with three kinds of honey to choose from, fruit with honey dip… we all oohed and aahed and yummed as we feasted. After cooking for himself at college, I’m pretty sure Stefan shed a few tears over joy over this glorious spread.


you’ve heard of a fairy godmother? My Pinkie Pie has a Mary Godmother who makes her feel precious and loved. –iPhone again

storybooks after dinner

And, oh my, shooting BB guns in the backyard. With five crazy boys who would surely shoot each other’s eyes out and a yard too small for this kind of lunacy, my boys have been deprived.

Still, I was surprised how gleefully they all took to it. Erik was ready to buy himself a BB gun today as a “Happy Monday” present, but I reminded him we do have neighbors who’d like to keep their windows.

sometimes the out of focus photo is the best photo


Last Monday, October 8th was Jiggy Day– Jocelyn Garlick’s twentieth birthday. A day the Garlick’s choose to celebrate by acting a little crazy, hugging and kissing everyone you love and eating chocolate cake for dinner (which we did. No joke. Not even a dish of carrots to balance the meal.).

We met the Garlicks after Jocie’s death, but we feel like we know her through Lisa’s writing, Dean’s jokes, her siblings’ stories and anecdotes about her. Jiggy changed us; we are happier, brighter, sillier people because of her influence.

“When you are at the Garlicks’ house,” Gabe mused Sunday morning, “you can feel Jiggy there. It’s like she’s around every corner.”

See, told you it was heaven.

October 6, 2014
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