Aaaaaaaah! The pain, the pain…

It’s been way too busy of a week. My head is just spinning with the work I’ve been doing and everything left to do. But before I run to the store for one last pre-Thanksgiving grocery run I need to write about Gabriel’s doctor appointment today.

We put off Gabriel’s 5 year old check up just a little too long(he’ll be 6 in January) and the school sent home a note last week that he had to get his immunizations or be kicked out of school. So in a cruel twist of fate his appointment landed on the first day of Thanksgiving vacation.

Gabriel loved the weigh in (I’m a super skinny!) and the blood pressure cuff. But he was not thrilled with the skimpy hospital gown he had to wear for the exam (especially when Xander told him he had to wear it the rest of the day). He giggled and cracked jokes through the entire exam and insisted on holding the stethoscope and otoscope. Dr. Bentley sat down to ask me the normal set of questions and Gabriel jumped up on the exam table and began dancing and singing.

Neither of us paid much attention to Gabriel’s antics until Dr. Bentley said he would send the shot nurse in. “Shots!” Gabriel yelled. “I am not getting any shots!”

Of course we didn’t tell him about shots ahead of time. The last thing I needed this week was my little drama-king crying every two minutes about shots– better to surprise him at the last minute.

And surprise him we did. The moment the nurse walked in he was screaming and crying. “The pain, the pain! I can’t take the pain!” He writhed and yelled as I held his little arms. He was so crazy it was funny and the nurse and I couldn’t help but laugh. The tiniest speck of bllod appeared on his arm with each shot and he cried out “I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding to death!”

The other boys were so different. I remember Ben bravely enduring his Kindergarten shots and solemnly telling me, “Now I don’t have to get any more until I am a very big boy.” Stefan, Hans and Xander all prided themselves on their bravery and never shed a tear(but happily accepted the lollipop).

Gabriel is just Gabriel. And I sure love him.

With Gabriel still wailing, we gathered up our things and made our way out of the office. Dr. Bentley smiled at me as we left, “You’re a good mother for these wild boys– it takes a lot to ruffle your feathers!”

Let’s wait till tomorrow for that– cooking Thanksgiving dinner, baking pies, cleaning the house; all while keeping a half dozen kids neat, helpful and happy– my feathers are sure to get ruffled! Honestly, I lie awake at night worrying about these things– how can I possibly coordinate everything without getting impatient or snapping at somebody?

November 24, 2007


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  1. Mitchell Family

    November 24, 2007

    You are a good mom for those wild boys. Ruth

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