All Hallow’s Eve

In Utah, we never take a warm Halloween for granted. The week before you’ll hear all the mothers chattering, “I heard it’s going to rain.” “Well, as long as it doesn’t snow.” “I’ve designed my kids costumes around sweats.”
So when Wednesday dawned bright and warm and clear, no one could contain their excitement. 
After the parade at school, I checked Gabriel and Mary out to visit sweet baby Hope born just the day before. 
Isn’t she beautiful? You may have read about Kit and Kevin here, here, here (and lots more, but I warn you, you’ll cry). After eight years of infertility treatments– baby Hope is their fifth child in six years. Don’t you love miracles? You’d better believe you’ll be seeing more of little Hope.
Besides the warmth, the autumn sunlight was breathtaking.
Clark Kent at school.
Superman at night.
Since Gabe is reading Les Miserables these days (abridged) he considered no other costume but Jean Valjean. When people asked who he was, he took great joy in singing “I’m Jean Valjean. 24601!”
Have you seen the previews for the now movie? Oh my. 
He tried to get the really serious look down, but all those sillies behind me made him laugh.
I think Victor Hugo would love Gabe. He’d probably base a character on him.
As a rule, we don’t wear scary costumes in our family. No monsters, no blood. But Erik broke our creed this year by frightening people as the Mayor of Millcreek. In an effort to bring levity to the HUGE fight in our neighborhood over incorporation, he may have attracted too much attention. I’m afraid everyone wanted to talk politics with him and we are careful to be neutral– no signs in our yard except Missy Larsen for Salt Lake Council ’cause she’s awesome and one of my dearest friends (ooh, look how political I just got).
Proud member of the lollipop guild. 
You need a PhD in Sillyology to wear this costume.
Xander is well qualified.
Empress Josephine. As Mary says, “Not that I’m into Empress Josephine– it’s just really fancy.”
Yes, I realize I’m a crazy momma. But you will recall I didn’t spend a penny on her costume last year.

An excuse to wear my red velvet and my mother’s fancy jewelry.

Our fabulous neighbors host a pre-trick-or-treat garage party every year. It’s the best. You should hold one in your neighborhood– better yet, talk your next door neighbor into hosting.

Erik and Xander spent the whole party photobombing.

off to save the world
Not much of a trick-or-treater, Mary would rather watch night fall and the parade of people passing by.

And I too, am content, to soak in the loveliness, the happiness, and remember– today was beautiful.

October 29, 2012



  1. Tracy

    November 6, 2012

    I owe you an email. I’m in a MJC coma. Or something. And so behind. Seeing your beautiful family is bringing me back to the light. Love you. xoxo

  2. annie

    November 6, 2012

    Reading your post was like some sort of strange Deja-vu (sp?)for me. I just posted yesterday about how I’m currently obsessed with Les Mis and can’t wait for the new movie. Then during my lunch today I was reading in the newspaper about the big fight in Millcreek. Love all the awesome costumes!

  3. Jeanelle

    November 7, 2012

    There are so many things I loved in this post…first, that baby & her fluffy rosy blanket (and the story behind her miracle family), second, Gabe’s costume totally rocked (as do the previews which are airing more frequently now – I can hardly wait!) and third, Mary’s costume and expressions in all of these photos. Gorgeous! I didn’t even get to your cute husband photo bombing, Xander’s awesome socks and Hans’ silly Superman shorts…so much goodness here, my dear!

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