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Valentine’s Day is the grand crescendo of our birthday season. It wraps up a thirty day celebration of six birthdays, our anniversary and about seventeen cakes (help me Trainer Momma!). As the big day– Ben’s eighteenth birthday– draws near I go into a bit of a frenzy mixing up sugar cookie dough, adding a few more ribbons to our window display and filling my heart shaped candy bowls.

Monday night we sat down to create our annual family Valentines. The rules are simple: make at least one for each person, no insults.

Generally, we stick with red and white paper, scissors and a glue stick. But I pulled out some pink glitter from Mary’s birthday party and the boys were enthralled with all the creative possibilities.

It struck me– boys are glitter deprived. It’s true.

After a good hour and a half, (yes, I was surprised that they sat there that long) Erik previewed the cards.

and the other side…

Mary’s were effusive,

while Hans stuck with simplicity.


Everyone got a little present with Stefan’s Valentine– a stick, a robot, a spring. I know you’re jealous.

Ben went for the 3D effect with pop out hearts and lift the flaps.

Erik expressed his worry about writing anything without spell check; Stefan gave him this gloriously appropriate card.

I hope you feel the love coming your way.

xoxo, m

February 10, 2010
February 15, 2010



  1. katieo

    February 12, 2010

    Oh that card from Ben to Mary made me CRY! No really, I’m sitting here with tears on my cheeks. I’m tempted to go call the school, pick my boys up, buy some glitter on the way home and make valentines with them all afternoon.

    Tomorrow. 🙂

  2. GeorgiaBecksteads

    February 12, 2010

    That is a great family tradition! I want to start it for our family.

  3. Jess

    February 12, 2010

    I love this idea! Maeve has been making valentine’s for weeks, it seems, but I love that everyone gets involved!

    You guys are too much fun!

  4. Sue

    February 12, 2010

    What a great tradition. I wish my kids were still at home so I could institute it!


  5. Kerri

    February 12, 2010

    Super super super cute! I love it! I’m totally stealing this for next year.

  6. Selwyn

    February 12, 2010

    Glitter deficiency – whodathunkit!

    Luvies, SK

  7. Rachelle

    February 13, 2010

    Okay, you are the best family EVER. You have warmed my heart like you wouldn’t believe. The first pic of you all sitting around the table together. Sigh… LOVE this on so many levels.

  8. Tracy

    February 13, 2010

    How sweet are you guys? Love this.

  9. Trainer Momma

    February 13, 2010

    The tattoo valentine is my favorite, hands down. We usually do this, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to it yet! We will definitely have to do it this weekend before it’s too late!

  10. Heather

    February 13, 2010

    What a fun tradition, maybe that will be our Sunday afternoon activity tomorrow.

  11. Claudia

    February 14, 2010

    Those are the sweetest cards ever. I hope you save them for years to come.

    The tattoo picture made me laugh out loud!

    Thanks for sharing…sending my love.

  12. Mathmom and family

    February 14, 2010

    Love, love, love this tradition and will try to get the kids to do it today.

  13. Jan Russell

    February 15, 2010

    ME TOO! I am dying over here, don’t get tatoos! I seriously can’t stop laughing.

    This batch of Valentines is the best I’ve seen in forever. What a lot of love in your family!

  14. Our California Life

    February 16, 2010

    Michelle —

    What a cute idea, I really wish I had thought of that when all six of our children were at home. With only Jonathan at home now, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of cards being exchanged…but maybe I can start this tradition with our grandchildren! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs from Newport —


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