Bennytines and Valentine’s

Some birthdays we don’t know how to celebrate, but Ben’s is always clear: Italian food, making Valentine’s, sugar cookies and cake, the best conversation and so much laughter.

But we’ve never bought Ben the kind of presents we bought for him this year: a Baby Bjorn carrier, a baby seat and a cute little striped outfit size 0-3 months.

No one could be more excited about becoming a dad than Ben. He’s protective of Sammie, constantly looking out for her health, gives us updates on baby’s size and energy (he’s the size of an eggplant and he kicks all the time!).

Mary describes Ben as the Renaissance man. Almost done with his law and MBA degrees he’s a cook, a photographer, a runner, passionate about books and art, politics and cycling. He’s an incredible son, the brother who nurtures all his siblings a devoted husband and we can hardly wait to see him as a father. He’ll be playing on the floor, taking so many photos and videos and happily changing diapers (probably telling us about the contents).

Happy Birthday Ben! We love you like crazy.

February 16, 2020