Ben’s birthday + Valentines = Bennytines!

It’s one of the best days of the year.

We start decorating for Valentine’s Day as soon as we take down the Christmas tree. And then we bake and make cards and compile a list of people who need a little extra love in their life.

A lot of what makes Valentine’s Day fun for our family is we don’t expect (or even want) anyone to reciprocate. We know our tradition of delivering cookies and cards and cupcakes to neighbors is kind of weird–especially since we deliver to 50+ people. But we love racing around the neighborhood, ringing doorbells and just hoping that we spread a little joy. The baked goods are first class, but I wouldn’t feel badly if I found out that someone threw them in the garbage. I just hope they felt a little bit of the love sprinkled on top.

And Valentine’s is, of course, Benny-boy’s birthday. He’s 27. I can’t really wrap my mind around that.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to have Ben and Sammie living with us these past six months. They are so good to each other and so kind to the rest of us. They are full of hilarious stories and smart conversation.

It’s especially fun to see how Ben cares for Sammie (and vice versa, but it’s his day). He loves to make her a perfect cup of lemon camomile tea, to rub her feet or fetch her favorite blanket. They share a car and get up early for their commute to the University of Utah and the Utah State Capitol. While Sammie’s getting ready, Ben prepares their breakfast and lunches before racing out the door. He’s exceptionally proud of Sammie and can brag about her all day long. And I find that a lovely trait in a man.

Ben recently started working as a law clerk (he’s in the second year of a four year JD/MBA program) and he loves lawyering. He still amazes us with his videos and photos, so we’ll see how all those talents combine into the career of his dreams (I’m guessing it’s something I haven’t even imagined).

Happy Birthday Ben! We love you so!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Sending you love

and sprinkles

and pompoms

and glitter.

February 5, 2019
March 20, 2019



  1. Cecily

    February 25, 2019

    Last year I read of your family’s Valentine’s note-writing tradition and thought it was splendid. I pulled out all the fun writing paper, pens, and rose catalogs, and call3d my boys to the table. We spent a glorious Sunday afternoon writing notes for each other and the grandparents far away. Two weeks ago we did it again. Thanks for sharing such a lovely tradition.

  2. nancy

    February 28, 2019

    i LOVE how you celebrate valentine’s day!!!! so inspiring!!!! one of my very favorite videos, made by you, is ben’s birthday video that has the song….my heart like a kick drum…i could watch it all day!!! 🙂 thanks for always being so amazing!!!!


      March 11, 2019

      Oh Nancy, you are always so kind.

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