boys and chicks


Every morning, every evening, the chicks are just a little different. Their necks stretch a bit longer; a few more feathers sprout on their wings.


about a week ago


The favorite joke around here these days:

“Why are chicks so easy to buy?”

“Because they’re cheep, cheep, cheep!”



The kids adore them, and the little ones especially will disappear for an hour scrambling to catch the chicks, sing to them and play games that only fresh minds understand.

Yes, they are still living in my bathroom– a fact that makes everyone laugh when they visit– “You really have chickens in the bathtub?”

I do.


We wanted to get a photo of them drinking (because it’s so unbelievably cute) but they took a bird bath instead.




two weeks ago and today

Sadly, our little sweeties are about to outgrow the adorable phase and morph into awkward teenage chickens. They’ll also be flying out of my bathtub before I know it.

So this weekend, we determined we could build a fab chicken coop for the cost of a trip to southern Utah. I’ve been buttering Erik up:

“I’m so grateful to have a husband who can build things.”

“Drilling and sawing are such bonding experiences for the boys.”

“Safety glasses are sexy.”


“Of course this is for Xander– do you think I’d build a magical staff for myself?”
(well, yes)


It’s all true.

So what color do you think for the coop? White, robin’s egg blue, red?

March 31, 2010
April 4, 2010



  1. Bonnie

    April 2, 2010

    I like red – it’s very traditional – but robin’s egg blue sounds very nice too. I think white would easily get dusty in the summer here with all the dry winds blowing sandy earth around…but that’s just me. Any of those choices would be pretty.

    Love the title of this post. 😛

  2. Sue

    April 2, 2010

    Either red or blue would be great. Not white, though.

    I love those pics of your son with the blue and white checked shirt and then the yellow chick up against it. Those are two of my favorite colors together, and his hair and eyes don’t hurt the ensemble, either.

    I sure do love the photos you take!


  3. Tracy

    April 3, 2010

    I think sunshine yellow!

    Safety goggles – what a concept – and I think a birthday gift for Jed this year.

  4. Jan Russell

    April 3, 2010

    I swoon for your boys in their gingham shirts!

    The ones in safety goggles are pretty cute too 😉 Such a handsome bunch! Love the photos!

  5. Tasha

    April 3, 2010

    I kinda like th chicken coop from the Hannah Montana movie:

    haha just kidding. I love blue and red together! That will be lovely!

  6. Mathmom and family

    April 3, 2010

    Please do blue with red accents!!

    You know I’m begging Clif for chicks now, right? He keeps giving me all the reasons why it won’t work, but I can’t hear him.

  7. Selwyn

    April 3, 2010

    I vote for letting the kiddos paint a mural on it! Yep, I know it wasn’t a given option, but that’s what I’d do 😉

  8. Travelin'Oma

    April 3, 2010

    You have gorgeous kids and your photos are awesome. I love the pictures of everybody working together. Happy Easter!

  9. Jeanelle

    April 3, 2010

    You already know which color I’m voting for, right? Check your iPhone case of you aren’t sure… 🙂

  10. ashli

    April 4, 2010

    i say red!
    what happened? they are so big now! i don’t think gracie is going to let them near her if the fly! too bad. i am sorry that i didn’t get over there sooner.
    next time?!!!

    hope you are having a good weekend. i thought of you today during Bro. Eyring’s talk on the youth of our church! you are such an influential and wonderful woman and so perfect for the task.

    talk with you soon….

  11. Cath

    April 7, 2010

    Hi Michelle! I’m sorry I don’t have a better way to contact you. I am wondering if we can set up a time for a headshot sooner rather than later. I’m in need of a picture for a bio a little quicker than I originally thought. Maybe something in the next couple weeks? I can come to you – at your convenience. Let me know how you feel about taking this on. And if so, some dates that are good for you.

    I so enjoy your blog. I am always uplifted, happy, and inspired after visiting. The joy in your family is obvious. Thank you so much for sharing!

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