church at home (or in the mountains)

We definitely haven’t loved everything about quarantine– but church at home? It’s the best.

Gabe and Heather play the piano, we all sing, prayers (and talks!) are assigned on the spot, the boys bless and pass the sacrament and we have amazing discussions about the gospel and Jesus and sometimes we digress into new plans about how to get the dishes done (a constant problem).

After a few weeks, Stefan started suggesting ‘mountain church.’ After all, when you read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, prophets often went to the mountains to speak to God.

We try to dress a little nicer than a normal hike, choose trails that are easy for us and find a spot for our sacrament meeting. The effort of taking the time to go somewhere combined with sitting in the midst of God’s creations have made those some of our best meetings.

I am amazed and inspired that the church developed a home church curriculum a year and a half before coronavirus closed down our churches. For us, it’s been a seamless and easy transition to worshipping together at home.

I know we’re lucky. Most Sundays we have 8-10 of us to gather, worship and discuss the teachings of Jesus. We’ve had incredible discussions and we’ve also had the freedom to say, “I don’t feel good, I’m going back to bed after the sacrament.”

No one knows what will happen in the months ahead, but we’re so content with church at home. We’ll keep singing loudly, talking about Jesus and yes, figuring out a good system to keep up with the dishes.

June 16, 2020