I just want to hit freeze

It was the best weekend. Gabe starts his missionary training TODAY and we wanted to take one last opportunity to do all the things: boating, watching ‘Hamilton,’ ordering Domino’s pizza at 11 PM, hiking Mt. Olympus, turning up the music LOUD, watching fireworks from our roof, making giant hamburgers and mile high raspberry pie, and just being together.

Even better, Ben & Sammie & baby Fritzi showed up for a back porch visit on the 4th. They’ve promised Gabe he’ll get to hold Fritz before the end of his home MTC experience (six weeks from today!), so Gabe still has a lot to look forward to.

Mary took my 17 minutes of shaky video and made this little masterpiece. Enjoy!

Mile High Raspberry Pie (click for the recipe)


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  1. Anne Marie

    July 8, 2020

    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL family!! oh my goodness! Look at that darling, precious Fritz! His mamma and daddy look like total pros already. So so happy that you had such a special weekend together!! I was thinking of you today and your missionary setting out on this amazing mission journey, that begins at home (what historic times!). Sending hugs your way, my friend. xoxo

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