December 1st!

Ah, we awoke to still more snow– the kind where the roads are dangerous and you really just have to stay home. Yes, it would have been a good sleep-in day but the little boys ran into our bedroom at 6:30 a.m. “It’s December 1st, it’s December 1st! Let’s get out our advent calendars!” Because we had such a long gap between Thanksgiving and December 1st this year the kids have been anxiously watching the calendar waiting for the magical month of December to begin. Let’s face it, the chocolate in the calendar is about the equivalent of three chocolate chips, but opening those little doors is so exciting.

The boys rushed through their chores and then spent every minute outside building forts, sledding at the elementary and having snow wars. They subsisted solely on hot chocolate all day long. I was amazed that Gabriel had the stamina to stay out there. The big boys play rough and he kept up.

Mary’s friend Sarah spent most of the day at our house. Sarah lives right behind us and has only recently discovered the joy of playing with a friend (she just turned 3 in October). Her older brothers are Gabriel and Xander’s favorite friends. The first few playdates between Mary and Sarah were a bit rough with Mary bossing and sweet Sarah crying; but now they have settled into a magical friendship. They play house and dollies and princess and tea parties. They also have a tomboy streak and love to jump on the couch and play tag. I was almost teary eyed watching them yesterday– those are the little girl moments I always dreamed of.

Another friend of Mary’s dropped by to bring her a Christmas gift of a chocolate advent calendar. Mary was thrilled of course and sat down with Sarah and opened every single door. Since it was a bonus calendar I didn’t stop them– it was a fantasy fulfilled for them.

It’s so interesting to me. All the mothers from Mary’s school tell me their little daughters love Mary. She seems to have a dozen best friends at school. It really surprises me because Mary NEVER wants to go to school, I have to walk her in every time and she doesn’t seem particularly friendly when I observe her. Hmmm, obviously she has talents she is hiding from me.

After several heartfelt recommendations we went and saw the movie “Enchanted” tonight. We’re not movie people– we go 2 or 3 times a year– but this one was really worth going to. We came home singing and laughing and stayed up waaaaaaay too late!

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